Reject divisive politics: Jagan

Pichaturu (Chittoor dist),
Jan 27, 2014: Giving a call to reject the divisive and selfish forces that have
been thwarting the functioning of parliamentary democracy in its true spirit,
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said we have to be united and win 30 MP seats to usher
in YSR golden era which has given a new meaning to the welfare state.

“After the demise of YSR,
who has launched several welfare schemes that has touched every section of the
society, the political system has degenerated badly and the leadership is
always on the lookout for personal gains and looks up at things in terms of
votes and seats ignoring the welfare of the people,” he said while addressing a
public gathering here on Sunday after unveiling the YSR statue.

Sonia Gandhi has been
determined to divide the state to seen her son Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister
and she is getting unbridled support from Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy
and Leader of Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu. They have the audacity to divide
the state though 70 % of the population is against the division.

The assembly, which is in
session, is not discussing the people’s problems like hike in cooking gas,
power charges and the scarcity of water and other resources which are affecting
the multitude of people on a day-to-day basis but are neck deep in discussing
as to how the state should be divided.

They are not bothered
whether or not farmer gets water for his crops or there would be acute shortage
of drinking water from Kuppam to Srikakulam and it is not their concern whether
students will be deprived of the chance to get a job in Hyderabad but what they
need is a few seats and are marching ahead to split the state.

“We shall wage a united
battle, win majority seats and elect a Prime Minister who will stand for an
untied state and bring in clean politics into the system changing the old order
that is turning murkier and murkier with every passing day,” he said.

People with integrity and
vision who care for the welfare of poor and downtrodden should take over the
political system and the raw opportunism should be rejected outright. This will
bring in transparency, credibility and honesty into politics which is need of
the hour.

Four years after the death
of YSR, he is still remembered by a vast majority of the population as his
welfare schemes have reached every section of the society. During his
Padayatra, he came to know about the plight of the people and as a doctor he
knew their pulse and after he became chief minister he has taken measures that
had benefitted the people by introducing a slew of welfare schemes including
fees reimbursement scheme to enable at least one member from each family to get
technical education.

He has introduced
Aarogyasri to prevent families from being pushed into indebtedness due to
serious ailments and increased the pensions besides other schemes. His dream of
running a welfare state was fulfilled to a large extent but after his demise
the clock of development was put back by six years and the lack of concern
towards the plight of people is being clearly visible.

He was a visionary who
could think beyond political, caste, creed and regional affiliations. The true
meaning of politics has lost its way and people with ulterior motives have come
to the fore with Congress and TDP working in tandem. “This system should change
and we have to vote for clean politics to bring back the golden era of YSR,” he

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