Refrain From Legalising Swiss Challenge

Hyderabad, Oct 7: Finding fault with the Chandrababu Naidu government trying to bring in a legislation to regularise the Swiss Challenge mode, YSR Congress has said that the measure would affect the interests of the state at the cost of favouring a few foreign nations.
Speaking to reporters here on Friday party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana said :’the proposed move the State Government to change the laws to legalise Swiss Challenge mode would harm the interests of the people and lead to rampant corruption.
The mode has been found faulty by the courts and various sections of the civilized society and a legal battle is going on. At this juncture trying to legalise the Swiss Challenge method is a brazen act of promoting corruption and will not stand the legal scrutiny as all the Bills passed are subject to judicial opinion when challenged. The laws are being changed to benefit a couple of foreign companies and mortgaging the interests of the state, he said.
Chief Minister’s son Lokesh has become an extra-constitutional force with even Deputy Chief Minister being answerable to him as is evident from the pictures published in the press which is a bad trend, he said adding that corruption has been rampant and growing. Though Chandrababu Naidu has been boasting of integrity and commitment, the acts have been very different. Polavaram, which was declared as a national project by Centre which would take care of all clearances and building it, was sought by the TDP government to reciprocate the financiers who also happen to be contractors.
There is no accountability on part of officials as they reflect the policies and conduct of the people holding high office, he said adding that the government should refrain from legalising Swiss Challenge method.
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