Ready For Discussion On Babu’s Corruption

  • Lokesh, talk according to your level
  • We shall uncover Babu’s corruption and
  • Political veterans of Delhi at
    astonishment due to Babu’s misdeeds
  • Babu has taken AP to the first place
    in the list of corruption
  • Babu will soon learn a lesson
  • Defectors must resign
  • Till then, Save Democracy movement
    will continue
  • YSRCP will continue to fight: Ambati

  • Guntur: Official spokesman of YSRCP, Ambati Rambabu criticised Chandrababu’s
    uninterrupted corruption in the state. He complained that Chandrababu had
    looted the Government’s oney as well as the people’s money and had spent
    Rs.20-30 crore of it to buy each of the opposition MLAs. He exclaimed that
    Chandrababu could commit corruption of worth Rs.1,34,000 crore in just 2 years.
    Ambati stated that the senior leaders at New Delhi were astonished upon knowing
    the misdeeds of Chandrababu. He revealed that the team of YSRCP leaders had
    explained Chandrababu’s conspiracies to lure opposition MLAs with corrupt money
    and to weaken YSRCP to the leaders in New Delhi. He spoke to the media at a
    meeting held in Guntur.

    Ambati Rambabu ridiculed Nara Lokesh
    by saying that he was not qualified enough to call the leader of opposition and
    YSRCP president YS Jagan for a meeting. He acclaimed YS Jagan as a people’s
    leader who had started a party against the conspiracies of TDP and won 67 MLAs.
    He stated that Lokesh, who had not won at least once from the people and who had
    always been behind his father, calling YS Jagan for a meeting was hilarious. Ambati
    mentioned that YS Jagan was a leader too huge for discussing with Lokesh and
    stated that a few activists would be sent to the discussion, asking if they
    were ready for it. He suggested that Lokesh spoke according to his level.

    Ambati questioned the ruling TDP to
    decide and inform by the next evening if the discussion would take place in NTR
    trust bhavan or at Vijayawada and when exactly it would happen.

    Ambati announced that they were ready
    to fight against the corruption and atrocities of the emperor of corruption,
    Babu. He also mocked Lokesh by saying that he could get the support of Devineni
    Uma, Sujana Chowdary and Prathipati Pullarao or at least that of TDP police JD
    Ramulu in the meeting. He remarked that people would then better understand how
    Lokesh and his father were looting them. He also added that TDP leaders would
    even go to the extent of filing cases in order to win the discussion.

    Ambati slammed Yanamala for commenting
    why the cabinet ministers had given appointment to YS Jagan. He suggested that
    Yanamala could go and find out the reason from their coalition leaders rather
    than passing comments sitting in Vijayawada. He ridiculed that while TDP
    leaders like Sujana Chowdary and Revanth Reddy could enjoy the honour of being
    in the cabinet in spite of defaulting hundreds of crores of rupees to the banks
    and being the party president in spite of being caught in ‘note for vote’ case
    and having to attend the court everyday respectively, why should YS Jagan not
    be granted appointment by the cabinet ministers. He remarked that Yanamala was
    shameless to have made such comments.

    Ambati mentioned that the TDP leaders
    were at shock as president of the opposition party had exposed the corruption
    story of the CM at national level. He opined that neither Chandrababu nor
    Yanamala nor Lokesh had the ethical right to criticise YS Jagan. He commented
    that Lokesh was speaking out of political ignorance. He informed that none of
    the UPA ministers had given appointment to Chandrababu but YSRCP leaders could
    meet cabinet ministers Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley and Dharmendra. He stated
    that Lokesh had to realise the situation at least after seeing that those
    cabinet ministers had lent a very keen ear to that they had to say.

    Ambati expressed surprise at Lokesh’s
    questioning why YS Jagan was not announcing the details of his assets in spite
    of his already doing so. He stated that Chandrababu’s declaration of assets was
    all made up and false. He revealed that YSRCP leaders had taken to the notice
    of the cabinet ministers at Delhi and the leaders of CPI, CPM, JDU and NCP how
    Chandrababu and his coterie were robbing the state. He clarified that the
    leaders had told them that they also had had an idea about Babu’s misdeeds.

    Ambati confided that legal
    intervention would cause all the defectors to resign. He expressed confidence
    in the judicial system. He conferred that Save Democracy movement would
    continue until the defectors resigned. He also stated that YSRCP would continue
    fighting against Chandrababu’s atrocities. Ambati commented that Lokesh was dominating
    his father in the art of bluffing. He cautioned that they would soon learn a
    lesson. He slammed Chandrababu for making the state of AP no.1 in corruption in
    India. He predicted that their ally party would soon teach him a lesson.

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