A Ray Of Hope For The Youth

  • YSR is inspiration to the youth
  • Good educational institutions for students
  • Fees reimbursement for higher education
  • Huge Government recruitment
  • Employment opportunities in private sector

Former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy believed that the future of the country lay in the hands of the youth. Hence, he initiated many activities and schemes for the benefit of the students and the youth. He worked hard for molding their future in an efficient way.

Initiative in establishment of institutions

YSR believed that the youth could make a better society if educated. He established IIT in Medak district's Kandi. He also established IITs in Nuzivid of Krishna district, Idupulapaya of YSR district, Basara of Adilabad district. He also got the prestigious BITS and national university of law established. He sanctioned lands and funds for the infrastructure of these institutions. He enabled founding of many engineering, pharmacy and medical colleges in order to promote technological education. YSR also started a number of junior colleges and degree colleges. The united state of AP had less than 10 universities at the time of formation, but in YSR's tenure alone, 17 universities were started. He made sure there one at least one university in every district.

Fees reimbursement raises hopes

YSR believed that if the children of economically-backward families were educated, those families would prosper. So he initiated sanctioning scholarship to those students. He also increased the number of gurukuls and hostels for them. Then he introduced the revolutionary decision of fees reimbursement. If poor students could earn seats in private colleges, the Governmment would take the burden of paying their fees, according to the scheme. With this children from financially and socially backward classes could enjoy higher education in engineering, pharmacy and medical colleges. 11 lakh BC families, 5 lakh SC families, 1.8 lakh ST families and 7.5 lakh minority families benefited from this scheme. In 2009-2010 financial year, Rs. 2500 crore fees was paid under the reimbursement scheme.

Government notifications

YSR released certain recruitment notifications during his tenure, that were still during the previous Chandrababu's rule. The youth that was depressed at that time had hopes raised during YSR's tenure with notifications of Public Service Commission recruitment and other boards were announced. 17,000 police appointments and 50,000 teacher appointments were done. Under Indiramma houses scheme, 38,000 could find livelihood. Promotions were regularised in Government sector.

Private sector opportunities

Through Rajiv Udyoga Sri scheme, YSR worked for employment opportunities in private sector. 10 lakh jobs were created by establishing centres in all the districts. He encouraged private industries, thereby improving the employment opportunities. In 2004-2008 period, 2.14 lakh jobs were created. YSR also encouraged real estate, production and construction fields, thereby providing lakhs of jobs.

IT industry prospered

Under YSR's tenure IT and IT-related industries prospered. A new IT system was introduced in 2005 and successfully implemented, keeping the state in the first place in the country in IT imports. Along with Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Warangal, Vijayawada were developed. While GDP in India was 32%, in AP it was 41%.

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