Raithu Bharosa Yatra Commences On Wednesday

Ananthapuram: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS
Jagan is going on a tour to Ananthapuram district from next Wednesday. He is
going on the 5th phase of Raithu Bharosa Yatra intended to comfort
the bereaved families of those farmers who had committed suicide due to the
burden of mounted debts. Schedule for this tour has been confirmed by the party’s
programme coordinator Talasila Raghuram and district president Sankar Narayana.

They have reminded how YS Jagan has earlier gone on 4 phases of
Raithu Bharosa Yatra and consoled around 70 farmer families. The 5th
phase of the yatra will happen in Tadiparthi and Kadiri constituencies. They
have called for YSRCP leaders and activists to make the yatra a success. They
have commented that the state Government has miserably failed in relieving the
bereaved families. They have revealed that YS Jagan has taken up the yatra in
order to offer solace to the poor families, as their breadwinners have given up
their lives due to proper moral and financial support from the Government.

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