Quit your Position, Babu!

West Godavari District (Akiveedu): Freedom fighter, Gandhian follower and General Secretary of Sarvodaya Sangham, Patti Seshaiah demanded that Chandrababu quit his CM position in light of the ongoing corrupt, incompetent and atrocious rule. Speaking to the media at Akiveedu of West Godavari District, he complained that Chandrababu had been encouraging undemocratic ways.
Seshaiah condemned the practice of gaining wanted outcome in issues like election of Rajya Sabha members and party defection with money. He stated that the presence of strong opposition beside the Government was very important in democracy. He slammed Chandrababu for expecting the people to be on his side in the absence of opposition and called it ignorance. Seshaiah objected to the Government's indifference towards the movements being carried out by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan.

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