The Purchase Of Cattle It Is

Hyderabad: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan expressed his concern about the ongoing slaughter of democracy in the state. He slammed CM Chandrababu Naidu for committing corrupt activities in the state and using the resultant black money for buying MLAs like cattle in the fair. He informed that he had requested the Governor of the state to intervene in and control the issue of the ruling party's luring each MLA of opposition party with Rs.20-30 crore and ministries.

YS Jagan commented that Chandrababu had no confidence over his own rule and that was why he was not asking his newly bought MLAs to resign to their posts. He challenged Babu to make the defectors resign if he dared and if he respected democracy. Only then would it be decided whose side the people were, he added.
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