Public Challenge To TDP Leaders

  • Babu earned Rs.1.5 lakh crore in two years
  • YSRCP proved this earlier with proofs
  • TDP raised curtains to false publicity again
  • YSRCP demands to take up open challenge

The yellow party leaders have made a habit of blaming others of corruption while themselves being involved in such activities and pocketing lakhs of crores of rupees. The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan has, at many occasions, uncovered the true colours of the TDP leaders. But the brazen leaders are trying to hit him back with negative criticism. How can a lie become a truth even if said a hundred times? In light of this, YSRCP leaders have thrown an open challenge to TDP leaders.

False publicity

Chandrababu is desperately trying to bluff people with his false publicity and yellow leaders are following his lead. Chandrababu indirectly targeted YS Jagan by stating that somebody in Telugu-speaking states had changed black money to white. Minister Devineni also followed him and made false allegation that Rs.10,000 crore amount mentioned from Hyderabad was YS Jagan's.

Babu, what is your answer?

After staying away from the CM's chair for ten years, Chandrababu planned to sell the state away as soon as he came to power. He is earning lakhs of crores of rupees by selling the state to Singapore and Japan. YSRCP had already published a book titled 'Chandrababu - Emperor of Corruption", mentioning proofs of corruption that took lace in two years of Chandrababu's rule. The yellow leaders have no answer to say to it. Is it not true that they pocketed crores of rupees of money through land mafia, sand mafia, Call Money sex racket, cheap liquor, fake seeds, Pattiseema, Pushkarams and other scams and conducting groundbreaking ceremonies with no work following it. There are hundreds of instances about TDP leaders' involvement in corrupt activities. Criticism towards the leader of opposition is only to cover up the exposure of their misdeeds.

Accept the challenge if you dare

YSRCP threw a challenge to the yellow leaders in light of their false criticism. YS Jagan also gave them the same same challenge earlier. Responding to allegations made by Chandrababu in the assembly, he said that TDP leaders could take 75% of the amount they were claiming to be YS Jagan's illegal income and leave him just 25%. He also ridiculed that TDP leaders could allege that the assembly also belonged to him.

Does it not prove?

It has been proven that the allegations made by TDP are not true. They used to say that YS Jagan had earned Rs.1 lakh crore. Then the figure became Rs.60,000 crore and when mentioned in the assembly, it became Rs.40,000 crore. Recently, they stated that he had earned Rs.10,000 crore. This alone proves the nature of TDP leaders.

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