The YSRCP  has strongly opposed the hike in the RTC bus fares in Andhra Pradesh. The party termed this a bad move and wanted the hike be rolled back. The party President YS Jagan has called for protests at RTC Depot on Monday (26th of October). Ambati Rambabu, official spokes person of the party has revealed this statement in a press conference at party head quarters, Hyderabad.

The party asked why the government was hiking the fares at a time when the crude oil prices were coming down in the international market. He said the Chandrababu Naidu government's move to imcrease the VAT on diesel by 22.5 per cent and levying another Rs 4 as additional tax has made the prices of essential commodities zoom up. The party felt that hiking the prices of even Palle Velugu, Express and Deluxe buses were nothing but breaking the back of the common man.
The party reminded that during his earlier nine-year regime, Chandrababu Naidu had effected RTC price hike for five times and was following the same pattern during the present term too. The YSRCP said that curbing private transport and removal of VAT on diesel could help in tiding over the crisis without hiking the fuel prices.

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