Probe Naidu links with Hasan Ali

May 28, 2014: Welcoming the union cabinet’s decision to set up a Special
Investigation Team (SIT) to dig out black money, YSR Congress has demanded the
Centre to first investigate the confessions of an accused who has
helped politicians to stash away money in foreign countries
violating FERA and other regulations.  

Hasan Ali has confessed that many politicians including a former Chief Minister
of Andhra Pradesh, living not dead, has used him to divert funds to foreign
shores through hawala means. This should be considered seriously and the case
should be taken up on priority basis to prove its sincerity,” party
spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Wednesday.  

quoting Hasan Ali, has reported that he had helped many politicians including a
former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh to route unaccounted money to foreign
shores between 1995 and 2005 and calimed that he is close to the former chief

“The TDP
leader has spent over 12,000 crores during the recent elections and his
conections with Hassan Ali, a bookie and accused of money laundering is well
established and the union governemnt should take forward its decision of
unearthing black money through SIT and take up the Hasan Ali statement into consideration
first,” she said.  

There is
every need to find out the source of getting such a huge amount for TDP and the
investigation should begin from the revelations of Hasan Ali.  

She also
flayed the language being used by Chandrababu Naidu’s son Lokesh during the
Mahanadu in his personal attack on YSR family. The tone and tenor is
uncivilised and not in tune with the demoratic way of functioing of a poitical
party, she said.  

Polavaram, she said there is no need to change the design which was approved by
YSR. The design stands good and all displaced persons should be rehabilitated
appropriately, she added.

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