Probe land deals; not action against media

Hyderabad, March 7: YSR Congress has said that the Chandrababu Naidu should volunteer for an inquiry into the capital city land dealing scam instead of threatening the section of press that has exposed the shady deals.

‘The Chief Minister telling that action will be taken against those who were writing against the land deals, should instead set an example by first volunteering for an inquiry into the land dealings in the surrounding areas of the capital city where TDP leaders and his coterie had acquired land in large extent,’ party MLA K Sridhar Reddy told reporters here on Monday.

Taking objection to the tone and tenor of the Chief Minister against a section of media, he said, what action would he initiate against those who exposed the audio visual of the cash for vote case involving himself and Revanth Reddy and how would the government deal with the exposure of TDP Union Minister Sujana Choudhary in the bank default cases which went viral nationwide.

‘It is not taking action against the media that serves the purpose but it is volunteering for an inquiry into the land dealings that will give solace to the issue and respectability in the eyes of general public,’ he said.

The nepotism shown in drafting the zonal system to benefit your coterie shows that the dealings are deliberately done to pursue the real estate business, he said.

On the Agrigold attachments, he said, ‘it is a known fact about the secret dealing your party had with the organization in acquiring the land and now speaking of attached land is ridiculous as the land was acquired by your cabinet colleague in the name of his wife,’ he said.

He demanded that Chandrababu Naidu should volunteer for a probe instead of threatening the media of dire consequences. He should come out clean before initiating any action, he said.

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