Present the Proofs First

 Hyderabad: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan demanded CM Chandrababu Naidu and his followers to present the proofs before doing allegation against them. Speaking during the debate on No Confidence Motion against the Government in the assembly, he condemned TDP leaders’ baseless accusation.

YS Jagan reminded that the court had never held him as culprit. He slammed repeatedly discussing the issues in the control of the court. YS Jagan mentioned that the TDP leaders were alleging that he had Rs.43,000 crore again and again, adding that he would give away the whole amount of it to them if they gave him 25% of it. He said he would sign wherever they wanted. YS Jagan explained that there was no claim against him till he was in Congress Party. Only after he quit Congress, it joined with TDP to sue him. He challenged TDP to present proofs against him and then start accusing him.

After getting caught along with video and audio footages in Note for Vote case, spending Rs.20 crore of black money, the CM was now uttering morals and ethics here in the assembly, criticized YS Jagan. At this point, the speaker cut the provision of microphone to him and allowed the ruling party people to speak.

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