By-poll, a referendum on Naidu’s govt.

Nandyal, Aug 16: Reiterating that the
vote in the by-poll is a referendum on the misrule of Chandrababu Naidu
government, YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the
voters to use their discretion and prudence in electing the right candidate.

Addressing a road-show as part of the
electioneering here on Wednesday, he said, ‘Your vote is not for just
electing an MLA, but it is a referendum to the Chandrababu Naidu governance which
is laden with corruption, scams and atrocities against women. 

It is a fight between justice and
injustice, values and deception and between money power and ethics and people
should use their discretion in electing the candidate as this would be a precursor
to the 2019 general election,’

The vote should be a reflection of the
three-and-a-half year misrule of Chandrababu Naidu and his anti-people policies
topped with nepotism and blatant corruption, he said. 

Credibility is one issue which is coming
to the fore and every politician should be questioned as to how he fares after
doling out promises and going back on them after the elections.

Chandrababu Naidu has totally ignored
and neglected this constituency after the election, neither he nor his son or cabinet
ministers had come to this place but now they are camping here in droves only
because of the by-polls which shows the opportunism of the ruling party, he

 He did not build a single house during
his term so far and the pensions which were 21,000 when YSR was the Chief
Minister had now shrunk to 15,000 which show the quantum of welfare in the TDP
term. Barring rice nothing is available in the ration shops under PDS and he
did not allot even a single rupee for the development of colonies in the constituency.

He owes Rs 78,000 to each household
towards unemployment stipend and he never talks about it after the elections in
a space of 38 months.

‘We all have seen his empty promises all
these days. He had boasted of many development activities in Kurnool district
during the earlier Independence Day speech but nothing has materialized so far.
Besides airport, he has promised IIIT, Urdu University and Mining School,
Industrial Park at Owk, Apparel Parks at Adoni and Emagnuru among others. Not a
single promise was fulfilled.

 He is misusing official machinery and
police force for election purpose and is of the false notion that he can buy
anything with money as he is used to corruption.  He is trying the
deceptive tactics in publicity but what I have is credibility and the legacy of
YSR, and your immense belief in me.

I appeal to you to vote for our Party
candidate and teach the ruling party a fitting lesson, he said. 


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