Polavaram Project Needs More Time: Cabinet Minister Uma Bharti

name of Polavaram rings a bell for a random person of any age to be a project
that has been pending for a long time. Everybody knows that lakhs of acres of
land will receive irrigation upon its completion. Yet, the completion of this
project is seeing a number of obstacles. Both BJP and TDP had made promises
prior to elections that they would fight against those obstacles and accomplish
the project’s completion. Now in spite of completion of two years of the tenure
of those parties’ Governments, the project could not enjoy any improvement.

project will not be completed within time limit

Uma Bharti, the cabinet minister for water
resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation in the Union Government of
India herself stated to the media that the project of Polavaram would
not be completed within the stipulated time. She mentioned that time limit for
the project’s completion needed to be extended and that an authority had been
formed for its construction. Uma Bharti further informed that AP CM Chandrababu
Naidu had been invited to Delhi to discuss functionality and planning regarding
the project. She stated that a new time limit would be set for the project
after discussion with the CM. The minister mentioned that the project did not
have lack of funds. Rs.200 crore had already been given for it from the
sanctioned Rs.500 crore. A request had been placed for sanction of Rs.1600
crore more of money to NITI Ayog.

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