Please Order For CBI Inquiry

  • Degraded politics of Babu
  • Enticement to mask failure and deception
  • Chandrababu has lost people's trust
  • Babu will have no place in history: YS Jagan
  • New Delhi: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan criticised CM Chandrababu Naidu for his degraded politics and purchase of opposition MLAs with corrupt money. He complained that Chandrababu had been resorting to these unfair means only to divert the attention of the people he had deceived from various classes of the society like the unemployed, the farmers and the DWCRA women. He mentioned that Babu had lost people's trust. The team lead by YS Jagan met Home Minister Rajnath Singh at New Delhi. YS Jagan informed on this occasion that he had requested the home minister to run a CBI inquiry on Chandrababu's corrupted rule.

    YS Jagan exclaimed that Chandrababu had been shamelessly enticing each of the opposition MLAs with Rs.20-30 crore. He called for everybody to question where Chandrababu has been getting all this money from. He added that Chandrababu was practising degraded politics out of his fear to make his new MLAs to resign and seek fresh mandate. YS Jagan and his team are in New Delhi continuing their struggle in the name Save Democracy movement, meeting the leaders of all national parties and explaining to them the scenario in the state of AP. YS Jagan called for everybody's support to the agitation in view of saving democratic system.

    In response to the questions put by the media about delimitation, YS Jagan explained that 50 MLAs would get jobs from it but the general public would not be benefited in any way. He mentioned that the general public would only be concerned about the bifurcation promises being realised. If Chandrababu asked for delimitation instead of special status, he would be the biggest traitor in the history, remarked YS Jagan. He demanded inquiry on Chandrababu's unethical and corrupt activities. YS Jagan revealed that along with the note submitted to Sharad Pawar, they has also submitted a note regarding bifurcation promises to the home minister. He informed that they had attached a letter mentioning the bifurcation promises including special status, Polavaram project and railway zone that the people were awaiting.
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