A Plea For Solution Of Railway Problems

Nellore: Nellore MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy met and
requested railway zonal manager Ravindra Gupta for the solution of problems
faced by the people related to the railway sector. He met Ravindra Gupta on
Monday at Hyderabad and proposed certain passenger-friendly measures in Nellore’s
main railway station as well as south station, Padugupadu, Vedayapalem, Kavali,
Bitragunta and Ulavapadu railway stations. He stated that many passengers
regularly traveled in Nellore-Tirupati and Nellore-Chennai routes.

Primarily he requested for change in the schedule of Simhapuri
Express, owing to the troubles faced by the people with the current schedule.
He suggested that this change was made before October, keeping in view the
convenience of the people. Mekapati mentioned the railway land of one acre on
the south side of main railway station of Nellore. He suggested construction of
railway multiplex in that area in order to increase income for railways.

Mekapati also suggested increase of trains to accommodate increasing
rush of passengers. He mentioned businessmen and students traveling to far off
areas from Nellore and requested for stopping certain express trains in Nellore
station to increase income of railway department as well as convenience of the
passengers. MP Mekapati revealed that the zonal manager Ravindra Gupta had
assured solution of the mentioned problems.

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