PIL in the High Court against the Criminal Acts of the CM and the Speaker

Hyderabad: A PIL has been filed in the High Court over MLA Roja not
being allowed into the assembly. Lawyer Gopala Krishna has filed the Public Interest
Litigation in the High Court against the criminal act of AP’s CM Chandrababu
Naidu and Legislative Assembly’s speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao by defying the
orders of the High Court. This may come to hearing tomorrow. It is known that
the High Court has issued orders allowing her to the assembly and saying that
the assembly does not have the authority to suspend Roja for a year. But the
TDP Government has disobeyed the orders. In light of this, lawyer Gopala
Krishna has filed the PIL against them.

Prior to this, the Supreme Court also
expressed its displeasure by exclaiming what was going on in the state. The
High Court took up the case for inquiry as per the orders from the Supreme Court
and issued interim orders canceling the suspension of Roja. She was allowed to
attend the sessions. Still the Government, the speaker, the assembly secretary
and the assembly’s chief marshal hindered from it, thus defying the court’s
orders and the constitution.

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