Phule’s Service Is Cherished Forever

Mahatma Jyotirao Phule's birth anniversary was celebrated by YSR Congress Party throughout the state. Leaders and activists from various areas held celebrations and recollected the service rendered by Mahatma to the society of India.

Sujay Krishna

YSRCP state general secretary and MLA of Bobbili constituency, Sujay
Krishna Rangarao stated that all the people’s representatives should work
together for eliminating backwardness in the society. Mahatma Jyotirao Phule’s
190th birth anniversary celebrations were held at the party’s office
in Bobbili. Phule’s portrait was decorated with flower garlands and tribute was
paid to him. During his speech on the occasion, Sujay Krishna proclaimed that
everybody should take Phule’s inspiration.

Gopireddy Srinivas

YSRCP MLA Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy participated in the celebrations held
in his constituency on account of Mahatma Phule’s birth anniversary. He offered
flower garland to Phule’s statue and paid homage to him. Under the supervision
of YSRCP trade union president Vemula Siva and ex.counselor Sk.Hussain, sarees
were distributed to poor women. Speaking on this occasion, MLA Gopireddy opined
that the development of BC communities would be possible if they were given
reservation in the houses of law. He demanded that SC-ST hostels were changed
as residential institutions. He expressed his displeasure towards initiation of
BC hostel construction in Rompicharla in spite of the release of required funds
three years back.

Uppala Ram Prasad

YSRCP co-ordinator of Pedana constituency, Uppala Ram Prasad held Phule’s
190th birth anniversary celebrations at the party’s office in the 16th
ward. Mahatma’s portrait was offered flower garlands and homage was paid to
him. Uppala acclaimed Jyotirao Phule for his efforts in alleviating inequality
in the society. He stated that Phule was an inspiration to many.

Tirupati Reddy

YSRCP mandal convener of Lingasamudram in Prakasam district, Tirupati
Reddy praised Jyotirao Phule to be a leader whose services were always
unforgettable. The latter’s birth anniversary celebrations were held at the
local party office. Leaders paid tribute to him and offered flower garlands to
his portrait. Sweets were distributed to everybody.

Siddhadapu Gandhi

Gurajala mandal convener of YSRCP, Siddhadapu Gandhi mentioned that
Jyotirao Phule’s service to the society was to be cherished forever. After
paying tribute to the leader with flowers and garlands, the leaders acclaimed
his service to the Indian society and particularly to the development of people
of the downtrodden castes.

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