Personal gains upstage people’s welfare

Aug 6, 2014: Upstaging lame excuses to evade the poll promises, TDP government is
going all out to water down the assurances on one hand and the Chief Minister N
Chandrababu Naidu and his coterie has been working for personal gains leaving
people in the lurch, YSR Congress has said.  

RBI and other institutions as coming in the way of loan waiver is sheer
opportunism as the Chief Minister and his close corporate friends are able to
secure loans with or without any collateral while the same set of people is
trying to express their helplessness in various unconvincing manners,” party
MLA Chevireddy  Bhaskar told reporters here on Wednesday.  

quantum of anti-incumbency TDP government has accumulated during the earlier
nine-year term has mounted in equal measure in just nine weeks of Chandrababu
taking charge as he failed to fulfill a single poll promise and has been giving
conflicting and contradictory statements on the financial status of the state.

cabinet colleagues too are playing their part in the episode to confuse people
and bid time without fulfilling any of the promises be it loan waiver to
farmers, women, jobs to youth, pensions and the assurance of increasing
retirement age limit to 60 years is applicable only to a small section of
employees, “ he said.  

“We are
with the people and our Party has a clear ideology and we will take up the
cause of the people and question the inefficiency of the Government and its
deceit to deceive farmers, women, students and other sections of the society.  

Naidu seems to be running the government on a corporate plank with selective
leaks on the probable state capital only to jack up prices and is only trying
to run away from reality by issuing contradictory statements on financial
condition of the state in order to confuse the people. Till now not a single
poll promise was fulfilled nor could a single farmer get fresh loan.  

Naidu and his coterie are working for their personal gains and getting loans
left, right and centre with or without any security but when it comes to
farmers they are unable to negotiate with the banks no give any assurance to
the financial institutions.  

Naidu has the history of closing down a healthy institution like Chittoor Dairy
for the sake of earning profits to his family-run Heritage Foods which now has
over 2,000 outlets and is a multi-crore enterprise.  

TDP with
the help of its friendly media is trying to rub its inefficiency on RBI and
other financial institutions only to deceive the people, “he said.  

As a
responsible opposition party we will take up the issue at all appropriate
forums and will be with the people all the time, he said.


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