People’s voice gagged

Hyderabad, Dec 22: Women MLAs of YSR
Congress have slammed TDP Government for its dictatorial attitude and
unilateral decisions which were instrumental in gagging the Opposition voice by
successfully avoiding the Call Money cum sex racket from coming up for

‘The suspension of our MLA RK Roja for
one year is not in the known provisions of parliamentary democracy and dalit
women members, three days after the incident, trying to implicate our MLA shows
the dictatorial attitude of the government,’ party MLAs U Kalpana, G Eshwari, V
Kalavathi and P Pushpa told reporters here on Tuesday.

The suspension of Roja and dalit members
from treasury benches following it up with their hurt sentiments, three days
after the incident shows the nefarious functioning of the TDP and its tactics
to keep the Call Money cum sex racket out of the purview of the discussion as
many ruling party leaders are involved in the racket, they said.

Roja was speaking on behalf of the
hundreds of women who were being harassed and pushed into sex racket by Call
Money Operators with the blessings of ruling party leaders. Her voice was
gagged by suspending her for one year while the rules state that the suspension
cannot exceed the remainder period of the session and the Legislative Affairs
Minister redefining the rules by stating that the House is supreme and can give
a ruling according to its own will is unpardonable, they said.

Every attempt was made by the government
to put the Call Money cum sex racket issue on the back burner, from bringing in
an issue which was not in the agenda and misusing the name of Dr BR Ambedkar’s
name on the first day and suspension of Roja on the next and unilaterally
deciding to give a statement on the issue for which our Leader had given a
notice for discussion. The way bauxite issue was treated also calls for caution
as it affects the adivasis, they said.

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