The People’s Leader With The People

  • Leader of
    opposition visits Pulivendula
  • YS Jagan
    received warmly by people
  • Special focus
    on people’s problems
  • Pressure on
    the Government for the solution of problems

YSR district: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan’s extensive tour
to Pulivendula is going on successfully. People, party leaders and followers
are warmly welcoming the people’s leader. People are revealing to him the
problems they have been facing. He came to know that the contract teachers
working for the social welfare residential schools had not received 43% PRC
since one year. YS Jagan demanded the Government for the regularization of
their jobs on a permanent basis.  He
opined that the teachers of the residential schools not receiving PRC was
unfair. The zonal secretary of Social Welfare Residential Employees Federation
Suresh Babu and district leaders Subbaiah, Lokanath Reddy, Ramanjaneya Reddy
and Madan Mohan Reddy met YS Jagan. He promised to them that he would put
pressure on the Government regarding the PRC as well as the job regularization.

The district president of Goldsmiths’
Society Ram Mohan met the leader of opposition YS Jagan at Pulivendula and
informed him that the people of their community were facing problems due to the
regulations imposed by the centre on the purchase of gold. YS Jagan responded
to this and extended his complete support to their fight. The excise tax
imposed by the central Government on gold purchase was causing troubles to
goldsmiths and merchants, YS Jagan stated. He mentioned that he would write to
Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting the cancellation of this tax. Leaders
of goldsmiths’ society Akula Rajamohan, Syed Sala-ud-din, Raja Reddy, Ram
Mohan, KV Prasad and Pattabhiram expressed delight at YS Jagan’s response to
their agony.

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