People will teach you a lesson if you cheat them

Tirupati: The YSRCP Leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy said that a phobia took over Chandrababu. While speaking on the third day of relay hunger strikes at Tirupati, he was furious on Chandrababu saying that the age of epics has gone long back but Chandrababu is feeling that he is a sage building an ‘Amarapuri’ and cheating the people. He mentioned that never before any capital construction ceremony was never done in this manner in the history but Chandrababu is wasting lot of public money on the foundation ceremony of the capital. He said that Chandrababu is cheating people in the spiritual mask by asking them water & soil.

Bhumana criticized that Chandrababu is very eager on showoffs and decorations keeping aside the Special Status wish of five crore people. Modi and Chandrababu who promised that in the name of Venkanna the Special Status would be given to the State have totally ignored their promise. Bhumana expressed anger that Chandrababu is playing with the emotional weakness of the people extravagantly spending hundreds of crores; he completely forgotten public issues and is indulged in cheating the public with his nonsense programs. Bhumana mentioned that the Party President Y.S.Jgan Mohan Reddy has declined the invitation opposing Chandrababu’s treachery, anarchy and enticing behavior.

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