People will dethrone TDP

Anantapur: As part of ongoing Praja Sankalpa Yatra, YSR Congress party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a meeting with farmers in Anantapur district on Tuesday.  He assured them of resolving all issues including minimum support price to thier produce once his party comes to power in Andhra Pradesh.  
Farmers explained thier problem mainly non availability of bank loans due to non waiver of loans by the Chandrababu Naidu's government. 

YS Jagan said Chandrababu deceived all sections of people by making false promises.  People also came know the TDP cheated. The time has come to dethrone the TDP. He asserted the requirement of a credible leader for Andhra to rescue the distressed communities. 

The unbridled corruption in employment guarantee programme left many poor families in the lurch. They were forced to migrate to neighbouring states for livelihoods, YS Jagan said.

YS Jagan said the YSRCP government will establish a Rs 3,000 crore market stabilisation fund and Rs 4,000 crore disaster relief fund as soon as it assumes power in 2019. He said every pending irrigation project will be completed on a priority basis to prevent crop-loss and provide irrigation water to the parched lands of the district.

Elaborating on funds to the farmers, YS Jagan said they need not rush to the banks for loans before every sowing season. "Instead an amount of Rs 12,500 will be credited to the account of every farmer as investment prior to the sowing season," he said. "Similarly, the harvested crop will be purchased by the government so that the farmer does not have to sell it for a loss. Also, cold storage units will be established in every mandal where every farmer can store the harvested crop," the YSRCP President said.
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