People Shall Not Forgive Chandrababu

  • Babu has
    deceived people of all classes
  • He is passing
    time with lies and corruption
  • YSR is the
    perfect ruler
  • Let us fight
    on behalf of people under the leadership of YS Jagan
  • Let us work
    for YSRCP’s consolidation: Party leaders

Vijayawada: YSRCP’s general secretary and former minister Dharmana
Prasada Rao acclaimed Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s rule during his speech at the
party’s general body meeting in Vijayawada. He slammed Chandrababu for
weakening all the systems in the state and bluffing people. He stated that
YSRCP had been efficiently playing the role of the principal opposition party
in the last two years. He congratulated everybody who was fighting in a
democratic fashion against the tyrannical Government. He called for responsibly
pointing out the loopholes in the Government’s schemes.

Odd rule in
the state

Prasada Rao remarked that the state had been experiencing an odd rule since the
last two years. He mentioned that YSR had proven how a democratic Government
could be efficiently run. He acclaimed YSR for governing the state irrespective
of parties, castes and religions. He called the rule impartial and brave. He
praised the implementation of Rajiv Arogya Sri scheme in order to serve common
people with efficient health treatment and explained how the poor could benefit
from it. He slammed TDP Government for
withdrawing people from enjoying such a beneficial scheme.

complained that the Government had snatched lands from the poor to do real
estate business with them. He condemned counterattacking the opposition upon
being questioned regarding this. He reminded the fees reimbursement scheme
initiated by YSR in order to encourage poor students to go for higher
education. The TDP Government had also stopped implementing this scheme, Dharma
criticised. He recollected how loans had been sanctioned to farmers with no
interest and prevented private lenders from robbing the farmers. But due to
Chandrababu’s false promises many farmers had not paid their loans and were immersed
in debts, he complained.

criticised the Government for pushing aside the valuable Polavarm project in greed
for bribe of Rs.300 crore. He blamed chandrababu for taking the credit of
production of 1 lakh MW power by the centre. He criticised formation of
Janmabhoomi committees. He complained that half of the pension amount sanctioned
was being swallowed before reaching the benefactors.

stated that all social classes were at loss due to the two years of TDP rule.
He complained that not even one of the 12 organisations given by the centre was
brought to Srikakulam. He criticised Babu for concentrating only one place for
development and forgetting all about the backward areas of Srikakulam and
Rayalaseema, just because those areas were in favour of YSRCP. He called for
everybody’s effort in consolidating the party in view of winning the elections
to happen after three years, under the leadership of YS Jagan.

Bifurcation to
prevent YS Jagan from becoming the CM

Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy stated that the bifurcation of AP had happened in the
first place with a fear for YS Jagan becoming its CM. Speaking in the party’s
general body meeting, he complained that the state had been unjustly bifurcated
and that even the promised special status or special package were nowhere to be
seen. He mentioned that it was the duty of the Government to give special
status and Chandrababu’s to get it.

remarked that special status would only develop the state and that the people
were eagerly awaiting it. He confided that YSRCP would continue to fight till
the special status was achieved. The party had already submitted memoranda to PM
Narendra Modia and finance minister Arun Jaitley pertaining to this, he
reminded. He added that YSRCP MPs had fought many times inside and out of the
parliament on this issue.

Mekapati opined that TDP
had little commitment towards the special status and slammed Chandrababu’s
undemocratic ways like purchase of MLAs winning from other parties. He cautioned
that the people would not forgive them If they failed to achieve special

Stop lying and start

YSRCP MP Vara Prasad
condemned TDP for passing time with lies and putting least concentration on
development. Speaking during the general body meeting at Vijayawada, he
reminded how YS Jagan had repeatedly pleaded not to bifurcate the state but how
it went unnoticed. He blamed Babu’s double entendre for the current situation.
He opined that the state would develop only by special status. He complained
that Babu had deceived the people of the state in spite of knowing this fact.
He reminded all the situations when YS Jagan and YSRCP MPs had fought for
special status.

He attributed Babu’s
silence towards special status to his fear of having to face inquiry in his
corrupt activities. He stated that if TDP failed to bring special status, YSRCP
would accomplish that in its tenure after winning the upcoming elections. He
called the Government’s schemes deceptive and blamed Babu for sidetracking the
funds sanctioned by the centre for the poor, in the name of Chandranna bata.

Vara Prasad recollected
how PM Narendra Modi had shown empty hand to the people of the state on the day
of groundbreaking of the capital city. He suggested that the promises made in
bifurcation act were kept and the Government worked with commitment.

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