People Are Waiting To Trash TDP

  • People Are Ready To Teach TDP A Lesson
  • TDP’s true colours have been exposed
  • Babu has failed in achieving SCS
  • Is TDP ready to face elections?
  • Promises should be kept if they even have a pinch of common sense
  • They should join YSRCP in fight for SCS
  • Official spokesman Kolusu Parthasarathy

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official spokesman Kolusu Parthasarathy
commented that TDP’s true colours were being exposed. He called it ridiculous
for TDP leaders to say that YSRCP should make its MLAs resign after the party’s
president YS Jagan had announced that its MPs would resign if necessary for the
sake of achieving special category status for AP. He condemned the TDP leaders’
comments on special status. Speaking to the media at the party’s central office
in Hyderabad, he slammed TDP leaders for twisting words, showing no commitment.
He condemned the indifference shown by the Government towards special category
status. He criticised that Sujana Chowdary had felt happy when the private bill
for special category status had been trashed.

Venkaiah’s true colours exposed

Parthasarathy demanded
to know what suggestions Chandrababu had made at the time of the state’s
bifurcation in the position of leader of opposition and what he had achieved
through those suggestions. He slammed Chandrababu for keeping silence while
discussion was going on in the assembly over bifurcation, despite being the
leader of opposition and then walking out and added that such a person did not
deserve to speak about special category status. Parthasarathy challenged TDP
for resignation of MLAs of both the parties and seeking fresh mandate. He
commented that people also were ready to teach TDP a lesson.

Package is a fake offer

Parthasarathy exclaimed
that TDP MLA Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao was being exploited by Chandrababu for
petty affairs. Calling it lack of awareness that Bonda Uma had commented that
YSRCP should do deekshas in front of the PM’s residence rather than Guntur or
Delhi in general, he questioned how it was possible for anyone to do dharna in
front of the PM’s residence. He mentioned that letter was written to the PM and
the president many times earlier regarding the issue and asked Bonda Uma to
check facts before he spoke. He demanded the Government to make responsible
ministers answer if it had any commitment. Parthasarathy slammed Chandrababu
for welcoming the special package announced in the midnight, instead of making
his ministers resign in protest. Remarking there was nothing ‘special’ in
special package, he demanded that the Government should implement all of its
poll promises and cooperate with YSRCP in its struggle for the achievement of
SCS for the state. He stated that it was also ok if TDP alone could impress the
Government in such a way that it sanctioned the status for AP.

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