People Are Fed Up By Babu's Rule

Visakhapatnam: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan slammed CM Chandrababu Naidu for his inability to realise any of the promises made at the time of elections. He commented that Babu's credibility was evident from the lies he uttered before elections and his deception towards people later. YS Jagan visited YSRCP Visakhapatnam district president Gudiwada Amarnath who had held indefinite hunger strike on behalf of YSRCP for attaining special railway zone for Visakhapatnam, at KGH in Visakhapatnam. He offered him lemon juice to call off his strike. Then he spoke to the media.

He condemned Chandrababu for not bringing pressure on the centre regarding any of the bifurcation promises Including special status of the state, special railway zone and funds for Polavaram, in spite of two years of his tenure. YS Jagan commented that Chandrababu was acting obedient to the centre with the fear of having to face inquiry on 'note for vote' case and buying MLAs with corrupt money.

YS Jagan remarked that TDP had earned severe resistance from the people in the last two years. He stated the the increased number of protests and agitations in the state proved the people's frustration towards the Government. He confided that Chandrababu would soon be taught a lesson by God and the people.

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