People Are Fed Up

  • We shall uncover Chandrababu's atrocities at national level
  • MLAs are defecting the party with greed for political positions and money
  • The people are frustrated at party defection
  • People will teach Babu a lesson in near future: Mekapati

Delhi: YSRCP MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy stated that the team of YSRCP would explain to the president, the Prime Minister and the leaders of various national and regional parties about the atrocious political practices of CM Chandrababu Naidu in AP. He criticised Babu's degraded act of buying MLAs of opposition party like cattle in fair. He opined that people were fed up with the degraded politics of Chandrababu. He stated that Chandrababu's statement about ethical rule was ridiculous. He mocked Chandrababu by asking him if buying MLA was the ethics he knew. He remarked that the people of the state were at hatred towards Babu's atrocious acts and would soon teach him a lesson.

Mekapati criticised Babu's buying opposition MLAs in spite of already having enough majority for the Government to run. He slammed Babu's vengeful intention of weakening YSRCP behind this act. Mekapati stated that democracy would flourish only with the presence of both the ruling party and the opposition. He mentioned that it was foolish of Chandrababu to try to follow the same scenario in AP with TDP MLAs shifting to TRS in Telangana.

Mekapati ridiculed Babu for calling himself the president of a national party even after his party's power was proven in Telangana. He commented that Babu's authority was limited to the state of AP. He mentioned that the affection of people towards YS Jagan was beyond limits. He argued that TDP could win the previous elections by unfair means like making YSRCP unpopular and  spending huge amounts of money. Mekapati complained that Chandrababu was making fun of anti-defection law. He criticised the speaker of the assembly for staying silent and not disqualifying the defectors. He reminded that in a similar situation earlier, YS Jagan had the MLAs resign to the airport and seek fresh mandate.

Mekapati condemned the migration of defectors without resigning. He expressed his opinion that they were going to TDP not for the sake of the people but decoyed by the money and power. He demanded for amendment in the law enabling the disqualification MLAs within 3 months of reporting against their defection. He stated that this amendment should deliver the future generations a message about democracy. Rajamohan Reddy criticised the ruling party for bluffing to the leaders of opposition party about increase in the number of MLA seats although it was not possible till 2026. He informed that he would mention the need for amending anti defection law in the house and expressed hope in getting the support of all the members.

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