Peddireddy Consoles Santha Kumari

Chittoor (Tirupati):  YSRCP's senior leader and MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy comforted Santha Kumari, the municipal chairperson of Nagari of Chittoor district, who had been admitted in Ruia hospital for treatment. Speaking to the media on this occasion, he stated that Chandrababu had been encouraging atrocities in the state. He slammed the growing number of deliberate attacks on YSRCP leaders and activities. He expressed concern towards the attack done on the chairperson right in the presence of the police. He remarked that people would soon teach a lesson to Chandrababu.
Goons backed by TDP MLC Gali Muddu Krishnamanaidu were creating chaos in Chittoor district, he complained. He condemned how brutally chairperson Santha Kumari had been attacked and kicked. Santha Kumari had been assaulted on Sunday at the time of 'Ramzan Thofa' programme. As she fainted from the attack, she had been taken to Ruia Hospital for treatment.

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