Pawan playing proxy politics: YSRCP

Hyderabad, April 1, 2014: Launching a vitriolic attack on
Pawan Kalyan and a section of media for playing into the hands of TDP and
willfully being part of its proxy politics, YSR Congress has said the mask of
the film star is unveiled and his tutored phrases are too familiar for the
public that has rejected Chandrababu Naidu for the past ten years. 

“It has been the habit of a section of media to spread
false and baseless news like a tranquilizer before the elections and this time
it has joined with the film star Pawan Kalyan who has parroted the lines of TDP
in passing snide remarks against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Since the mask is slipped out and the true face is
exposed, Pawan Kalyan should answer as to why he was silent when Vangaveeti
Mohan Ranga was murdered while he was on a hunger strike and the numerous criminal
cases against Paritala Ravi,” YSRCP spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters
here on Tuesday.

The film star, who is lurching in ambiguity whether or
not to contest elections, comes out in an interview with words of wisdom which
does not suit his stature or line of argument as he did not react when a large
sum was found in his brother’s house or when Naidu’s policies lead to an attack
on him and his minister Madhava Reddy by naxals. These two incidents are enough
to know how law and order was during Naidu’s regime.

“If Pawan Kalyan is selective and is targeting YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy with the same diction and grammar of TDP, it is obvious that
he is playing politics by proxy and at the behest of vested interests.
Chandrababu better known for running benami business and deals has of late
resorting to benami politics too. Thus Pawan Kalyan emerged a benami politician
of Naidu.

If it is values that we are concerned about, it was YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy who has defied Congress and cases foisted against him were
political in nature and he was denied bail in the normal 90 days. He was in
jail for 16 months and if Pawan Kalyan is sincere in his slogan of Congress
Hatao, his joining hands with TDP serves no purpose as Chandrababu Naidu has
always been on a Save Congress mission,” she said.

During 2009 elections, the film star treated
Chandrababu Naidu as a political adversary and in 2014 the plank has changed
for obvious reasons.

Chandrababu Naidu, unable to face the popularity of
the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is desperate for a win and is using crutches from his
friendly media to Narender Modi to Pawaan Kalyan, but the reality is YSRCP is
getting a decisive mandate despite the multiple masks Chandrababu Naidu is
wearing, she said.

TDP and some of its close associates are in a hurry to
come to power which remains a distant dream as the Party was never with the

The section of media has given undue importance to Narender
Modi and Pawan Kalyan only after the deal between TDP and BJP has almost come
through. Sakshi media group has followed the best principles of journalism in
objectivity and gives due prominence to Chandrababu Naidu as well, she added.

We are ready for an open debate on any subject on the
comparative governance between TDP and YSR-lead Congress, she said.

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