Pawan Kalyan‘s objective is to protect Chandrababu?

 YSR Congress party in a statement by Rajanna Dora, Saluru MLA, severely criticised Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan whose sole aim he said was to tarnish the image of the YSRCP. The legislator further said that Pawan Kalyan‘s objective appeared to be to split the anti-TDP vote and protect Chandrababu Naidu.
From Pawan Kalyan‘s meeting in Rampachodavaram in which he referred to the issue of bauxite mining, it appears that he is a well-wisher of Chandrababu Naidu, Dora said. The Jana Sena founder should ask himself as to where he was when the government was getting involved in bauxite mining, and when tribals rose in protest. The YSRCP MLA reminded the actor turned politician that it was YS Jagan who stood with the tribals and gave an ultimatum to the government on the issue. When Chandrababu Naidu wrote letters to the Centre trying to get approvals for bauxite mining, it was the YSR Congress Party which blocked his efforts, he pointed out.
Whenever Chandrababu Naidu was in trouble, Pawan Kalyan emerged to bail him out and he may not remember these facts, the senior YSRCP leader said. Dora also took the opportunity to remind Pawan Kalyan about a massive anti-bauxite mining public meeting held by YSRCP in Visakhapatnam district near Chintapalli. The Jana Sena founder was nowhere near the scene at the time, the YSRCP MLA recalled.
Chandrababu Naidu has for years not constituted the Tribal Advisory Council as mandated by law. Has Pawan Kalyan ever spoken about this, he questioned. Dora also asked Pawan Kalyan if he ever articulated his views on how Chandrababu Naidu lured his party’s tribal MLA to the TDP in an unconstitutional manner only because the YSRCP opposes bauxite mining. Tribal communities in the state are aware of who is working for their welfare and who is harming their interests. In the next round of elections Pawan Kalyan will see for himself how tribal communities in all parts of the state will ensure the victory of YSRCP, so that the party can serve their interests, he told the Jana Sena founder.
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