Pattiseema's Is Commercial Purpose

Eluru: West Godavari District president of YSRCP Alla Nani opined that Pattiseema scheme's purpose was only commercial. He complained that the TDP Government was bluffing to give water to Rayalaseema through this scheme but was actually planning to sell the water to the industries in the capital area. He spoke to the media at Eluru.
Nani mentioned that YSRCP was a party that had been founded to carry forward YSR's ideals. Nani mentioned that no social class was happy under TDP rule. He also opined that the Rs.1500 crore spent on Pattiseema, if spent on Polavaram instead, would have yielded better results. He criticised that the farmers of Godavari area were unjustly being deprived of water.
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