Pathetic Government..!

Pathetic Government..! Assigned lands ... belongs to your Aunt!

Cemetery is also encompassed..!

Guntur: The Leader of Opposition, YSRCP
President, YS Jagan, said that very soon Naidu will be pushed to Bay of Bengal.
Jagan spoke to the farmers of Uddandarayudani palem in Guntur district. Jagan
fired on Naidu, stating that the assigned lands do not belong to Naidu's inherited
property. Chandrababu has to suffer by the curses of the poor people whose
lands are grabbed, and their lives are suffered.

Affected Farmers

Farmers stated that their lives are dependent of the assigned farms for
almost three generations. Lands are grabbed by threatening them. Without
evidence of their ancestral cemeteries, were also destroyed. Dalits were not invited
for the program of laying foundation. Without any signed documents, respective
lands are snatched. Insisted and tortured them to state that the farms have
been burnt by YS Jagan. Took them to station and tortured for three days.
Farmers expressed their grief before Jagan, that they cannot survive as the
left lands are also snatched from them. As their borrowed agriculture loan is
not wavered, farmers sold their buffaloes, gold and valuable things. Farmers
expressed their unhappiness, that since the foundation stone is laid, they are
threatening them by stopping the current supply.

YS Jagan ..

Though the prime convict in cases of burning farm
lands is Yellow shirts party, but farmers are been framed. Stating and
threatening that the leases time period is over, farmers are forced to give
their lands and they even changed the records as per their convenience. YS
Jagan questioned the government if it is according to law?  in relation to this situation. He mentioned to
the government that they need to change by looking at the poor people who bind
to their honesty and truth. Jagan also mentioned that instead of giving 100 or
200 acres additionally, the government is grabbing the left over land also. He
questioned, who gave you authority to snatch the lands assigned according to
the constitution. He commented that holding next to the government, Sujana
Chaudhary, Murali Mohan, and others are gaining Rs. 9 thousand per square yard
while the poor farmers are pushed out of their lands by paying pennies.

The government also encompass Cemetery gracelessly ..!

Helipads and all other arrangements are done in the
farm lands of farmers, but they are not invited for the program of laying
foundation store for the new capital. Jagan fired that the present government
did not even spare the cemeteries for their land grabbing. Unable to pay the
loans they mortgaged their loans. There is no way for the gold to come back. Out
of grudge, the current facilities are stopped for farmers who are against the
land pooling. YS Jagan said Naidu will be told by people strongly. He mentioned
that in the future, YSRCP will come to power and very soon all the loans will
be wavered.  Jagan mentioned that, new
changes in laws will be made in order to stop the snatching of assigned lands
of farmers. 

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