Party Foundation Day Celebrated in Kuwait

Kuwait: Followers of YSR Congress Party in various countries have celebrated the party’s foundation day. Celebrations were held at Maliya of Kuwait by the Kuwait NRI division of YSRCP. Under the supervision of YSRCP Kuwait convenor M. Balireddy, a cake was cut and distributed. Speaking on this occasion, Balireddy acclaimed YSRCP to be the only party to stand by the poor, the weak and the backward classes and fight for their welfare. He stated that they were all proud to be in a party that was rich with ethics. Co-convenors Govindu Nagaraju and MV Narasareddy spoke on the occasion. They criticized CM Chandrababu for his double entendre. They also commented that only those leaders that were opportunistic and greedy had migrated to other parties. They challenged the defect MLAs to resign and win with TDP sign. Governing Council members P.Rehman Khan, N.Maheswar Reddy, A.Prabhakar Reddy, Sk.Inayat, AV Subbareddy, Praveen Kumar Reddy, Duggi Gangadhar, Gaffar and Niyaz among others participated in these celebrations.

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