Party Defection Is A Huge Epidemic Problem

New Delhi: President of JDU, Sharad Yadav opined that party defection had become a huge problem lately. He mentioned that this was spreading in many states.

The leader of opposition of AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan, accompanied by a team of leaders of YSRCP, met Sharad Yadav at his residence in New Delhi. YS Jagan explained to the national leader the atrocities committed by Chandrababu's Government in Andhra Pradesh. He presented the proofs of Chandra Chandrababu's corruption of crores of Rupees. YS Jagan and his team also narrated how the corrupt money was being utilised to buy opposition YSRCP MLAs. They described the undemocratic acts of Chandrababu to him. Sharad Yadav responded in a positive tone to the YSRCP team. He expressed his concern about the epidemic problem of party defection in the country.
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