Paramarsayatra in Karimnagar ..!

Ensuring the victims ..!

Work towards Rajanna ideology

Karinnagar: The late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s daughter, sister of YSRCP president YS Jagan, YS Sharmila, is extensively on tour in Karimnagar. There was an extraordinary response by the people of the district. Irrespective of the age of people, she is speaking to them and continuing her yatra. She is mingling with people with a clear smile on her face. Sharmila is on tour to visit and console the families of people who died due to shock of YS Reddy's untimely death.

Sharmila adopted Sowjanya..!
As a part of paramarsa yatra, Sharmila visited 12 families in total in Karimnagar district.  She consoled the family of Madaka Susheela of Gangaram. She got struck listening to their problems. Sharmila adopeted Madaka Susheelas daughter, Sowjanya. She consoled the families of Komuramma of Vilas Nagar, Hanumantu family of K.K Nagar, Maddi Ramaswamy family of Yedurugutta. She ensured support to the families.

Work towards Rajanna dream ..!
YS Sharmila was well received by the people. They expressed their hope about Rajanna rule to come again. Sharmila said that he was a great leader who fought and worked for the poor. Sharmila mentioned that, he will be in the hearts of people till the Telugu lasts. Sharmila motivated the people to come forward and work together to make the dreams of Rajanna true. ... and get the Rajanna rule again. 

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