Paramarsayatra ends in Warangal

Started in Karimnagar visiting 12 families and consoled them

Rajanna is an indelible mark in the hearts of people


The Paramarsayatra by the late Chief Minister, YS. Reddy's daughter, sister of YSRCP President Jagan, Sharmila has ended in Warangal district. Extraordinary response was given by the people in the district. Rajanna Daughter is well accepted by the people. She consoled each family member who died in the shock of the death of YS Raja Sekhar Reddy. As a part of the third phase she consoled overall 73 families by travelling extensively for 12 days.

 Yatra will start in Karimnagar district.!

The party leaders, activists and fans greeted Sharmila at Meedapalli, on successful completion of her Paramarsa Yatra when she reached Karimnagar from Warangal. The Paramarsa Yatra will continue for three days in the district. Firstly she will visit, the family of Asodula Ramayya of Borla gudem, Kararam Mandalam.  Unable to digest the news of YS Rajasekhar Reddy's sudden death, overall 30 members died. .

As a part of first phase, she consoled 12 families. The paramarsa yatra will continue via Manthani, Peddapalli, Dharmapuri, Jagityala, Korutla, Choppadandi constituencies covering overall 371 km.

 Rajanna is immortal ..!

Sharmila stated that the great leader YS Rajasekhar Reddy is immortal and he is alive in the memories and hearts of people forever along with the existence of Telugu people. She addressed the people at Garepalli Chowrasta, Kataram Mandal, Karimnagar District. She mentioned that the great leader became Rajanna as he could feel the pain of people and helped them for the benefit of people.

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