Padayatra not a walking race :Sharmila

Nalgonda, Feb 15, 2013:
Sharpening her broadsides against TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, Smt. Y. S.
Sharmila said that breaking records of walking in Padayatra was never important
but what was important was how far one had succeeded in understanding people’s
problems and instilling confidence among them about their future.

Addressing a mammoth
public meeting at Halia in Nagarjuna Sagar constituency of Nalgonda district on
the 66th day of her Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra on Thursday, Smt.
Sharmila said that a leader who walks as part of the Padayatra should have
credibility and sincerity but Naidu doesn’t have both the characteristics.

The pro-Chandrababu
Naidu media has celebrated the completion of 2000 km distance by Naidu
projecting as if he had achieved something unprecedented but it has forgotten
the fact that Padayatra is not a walking race, she said, adding that cutting
cakes and celebrating the event would serve no purpose.

She said the late YSR
undertook the Padayatra treating it as a Mahayagnam but Chandrababu Naidu has
been asking people in his Padayatra to remember him before the elections
indicating the target of his Padayatra.

People have been
complaining about their problems to Naidu but, despite his criticism of the
anti-people Government, he is protecting it without introducing no-confidence
motion, she said, adding that his double stance is enough to say he is not
sincere in his Padayatra.

People, who attended
the public meeting wearing black badges protesting against the arrest of YSRCP
president Sri Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, listened with rapt attention to Smt.
Sharmila’s speech.

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