Our stand is vindicated: YSRCP

Jan  27, 2014: Resolutely affirming that the Party stand has been vindicated on
the undemocratic division process of the State, YSR Congress has said that true
colours of Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition have been exposed as their
ambiguity and deception were unmasked as they are toeing the same line of our
Party which has asked for a resolution for a united state and demanded to send
the Bill back to Centre for reconsideration.

Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and N Chandrababu have been deceiving people and
have taken people for a ride all these days by spinning stories while YSRCP has
vehemently opposed the division and has demanded for an assembly resolution for
a united state and to send the Bill back for review as it is against the
federal spirit, party spokesperson Gattu Ramachnadra Rao told reporters here on

Our Party
leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has toured the entire state to muster support for
the need to amend article 3 to the effect that it cannot be misused by the
Party in Centre and has mobilised public opinion across the nation that the
state is being divided undemocratically without taking the assembly into

were countless representations to the State and Central Governments for
convening the assembly to pass a resolution but they were not heeded to.

Honorary President YS Vijaymma has served notices under rule 77 and 78 on
December 12 and 16 subsequently seeking a resolution for a united state and
sending back the draft Bill as it is full of fallacies. Even on January 24 she
reminded about her earlier notices but the Speaker did not reply though it is
binding on his part to reply within 10 days.

contention that agreeing to participate in the discussion amounts to accepting
the division was not taken well by the other parties that have casted
apprehensions and when our Leader in the Assembly has insisted on voting on the
clauses of the Bill, they were not considered.

the Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition resort to theatrics and take out
their masks and as if giving a startling revelation they say that the Bill is
full of loopholes and it should be sent back to the Centre for review and a
resolution should be passed in favour of a united state. They also have the
audacity to say that there is no need to discuss the Bill which is only a

copycats have given notice to the Speaker to that effect under the same rules
which YSRCP has given in last month. The two leaders who claim to be senior
most members did not err in judgment but it was by design and they are acting
according to a plan.

veracity of the Bill is being questioned after the special session is running
out of time and is on extension. For such experienced persons this cannot be an
excuse. They never attended the BAC meeting nor did they object to any of the
deeds that lead to the division process.

In both
the parties there were conflicting arguments from members in tune to their respective
regional affiliations but the leaders were mum and allowed the double speak to
do the rounds. This dichotomy has now ripped open and Chief Minister and C
Ramachandriah giving notices to the Assembly Speaker and Council Chairman shows
that they lack political perspective and have been fooling the people all the

Kumar Reddy who has been talking on the Bill for the past three days suddenly
asks his minister to give a notice under rule 77, though one such notice given
by YS Vijayamma was pending since last month.

The Bill
is a sword which has come to slash the State into two and we should oppose it
tooth and nail has been our stand while Congress and TDP that has supported the
division Bill and brought the affairs to this pass and they need to apologise
publicly, “ he said.

days after the Bill landed on a war-footing the session took up discussion and
Kiran Kumar Reddy and N Chandrababu Naidu are still trying to fool the people.
Had they agreed to YSRCP proposal of assembly resolution Delhi would have been
scarred by now, he added.


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