Our Sole Aim Is To Achieve Special Category Status

  • Relentless fight for special category status
  • The promises made in the parliament should be given importance
  • Special status is even more important since GST bill
  • Babu follows double entendre in this matter
  • Chandrababu's is a party of thieves
  • We shall fight until special status is achieved: YS Jagan
  • We shall only support the national party that will sanction special status to the state

  • New Delhi: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan, followed by YSRCP MPs, met the President of India, Pranab Mukherji at New Delhi this evening. they submitted to him a memorandum regarding the wish of the people of AP for sanction of special category status to the state. They explained to him how important it was to the state and how the people would suffer if it was not granted. Later YS Jagan spoke to the media at Rashtrapathi Bhavan along with the MPs.

    MPs Vijay Sai Reddy, Mekapatio Rajamohan Reddy, YV Subbareddy, YS Avinash Reddy, Mithun Reddy and Butta Renuka accompanied YS Jagan.
    Here is what YS Jagan spoke to the media on this occasion.

    • AP was promised special category status
      at the time of bifurcation. By losing Hyderabad that had 98% of the IT industry
      and 70% of the production industry, AP would be at loss. So special status was
      promised as a compensation and the state was bifurcated by the ruling party and
      the opposition party together. But now the promise has been totally forgotten.
    • If a promise made in the parliament is
      given such a value, what about democracy? Who can people believe?
    • After GST bill has been accepted, it has
      become even more important that AP is given the special category status. The
      centre is going to be benefited with all the taxes. The confusion with direct
      and indirect taxes will be closed. But there is something to be observed here.
    • The state of AP will be at loss due to
      this bill. Till now there has been a chance of assurance for investors and
      industries if they invest here. There has been a chance to allow sales tax
      exemption, enabling utilization of investment. But with the introduction of GST
      bill, all the taxes are going under the umbrella of the centre. This is turning
      down the interest of investors. Hence, it is very important that AP is given
      the status in the current situation.
    • Chandrababu is staying indifferent to
      the whole injustice. The situation is arising where our kids will not have jobs
      and the future of the state is going dark. Still our CM is not planning to
      bring pressure on the Government. If he had any commitment, TDP ministers would
      have long withdrawn their support.
    • Chandrababu gets Venkaiah Naidu
      felicitated on one hand, praising BJP Government’s help. On the other hand, he
      blames BJP Government for not being supportive. How can one person have double
      entendre like this?
    • Chandrababu stated thatspecial category
      status was a wonder drug before elections. He mentioned that 10 years of status
      would be too less of time and suggested the sanction of the status for 15years.
      But now he is exclaiming that it is not any wonder drug. When he has double
      stand on the same matter, why will BJP Government take him seriously?

    • Why on earth is Chandrababu going to
      Delhi so many times when he can not even mention the need for special status there?
      After Arun Jaitley spoke, he stated that his blood boilt. Later, he went to
      Delhi again to apparently not speak about the sanction of special status but to
      invite the national leaders to Krishna pushkarams.
    • With all the arangements for pushkarams
      and the invitations to the programme in place, can we assume Chandrababu has
      great devotion to God? Well, he demolished around 40 temples in Vijayawada in
      the name of development. He swallowed thousands of crores of rupees in
      Sadavarthi scam in Amaravathi by giving them away to his benamis for just Rs.22
      crore. He is not scared of swallowing endowments’ lands.
    • Babu is scared of holding press meets
      about his Delhi visits or saying a word about Narendra Modi in English, because
      he fears imposition of cases against him and CBI inquiry.
    • Chandrababu recently got a newspaper to
      write that the country would develop to a great extent if everyone worked like
      him. Usually, when anybody meets the president of India, only a photographer is
      allowed to take a couple of pictures. But the media wrote in praise of Babu as
      if they were present there while the two talked. This is raising suspicion
      towards the credibility of the media as well.

    • Babu has always been unresponsive to my
      proposal of forming an all-party team to fight for the special status. He neither
      acts proactively nor keeps himself away from blaming us when we are trying.
    •  Our
      argument about the subject of special category status is very clear. After we
      played the video of Narendra Modi promising special status, it is only unjust
      of him to not sanction it. Chandrababu’s mistake will be not fighting to achieve
    • YSRCP shall continue the fight until it
      is attained. We are trying to meet Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to directly talk
      to them about our intention.

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