Oppositions' throat is hard-pressed

leaders outrage in the Vijag ZP meeting

on Bauxite mining by YSRCP

party violence leaders walkout

Visakhapatnam: The TDP
party is acting rudely in grudge on the opposition parties.  No where an opportunity is given to the
opposition anywhere to discuss the problems of public due to fear of losing  the value before public if their deeds are out.
As a part of this, the ruling party is pushing YSRCP down and behaving as per
their wish. From Assembly sessions to ZP meetings, the opposition is not given
a chance to discuss about public concerns. Dictator rule is imposed on the
State and destroying it. In a meeting organized in Visakhapatnam, the TDP
leaders involved in violence against YSRCP.

The burning issue of
Bauxite mining was discussed in ZP meeting. On the commencement of the meeting,
Araku MLA Kidari Sarvesvar Rao asserted to pass the resolution opposing the
bauxite mining. For which the TDP MLAs Bandaru Satynarayana Murty, Pila Govind,
and other party members reversed and even disagreed to share the mikes to the
Oppositions party members and stated violence to stop giving mike to MLA

The TDP Members snatched
the mike while MLA Kidari was speaking. With this act, the MLA expressed his
concern of not giving a chance to speak and walked out of the house. He
expressed his anger stating that even in the AP Assembly sessions the voice of
the opposition was stabbed and even here the situation is the same. Kidari
stated that today is a dark day in the history of Visakhapatnam in the  year 2015. The YSRCP MLA Giddi Eswari rebuked
fire on the ruling parties attitude and behaviour towards the opposition party
members. She said that it is ridicules the way the ruling party is behaving and
not even giving a chance for the opposition to speak.

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