Once upon a time there was a wasteland

  • Unofficial acquisition: 50 acres
  • Officially registered lands: 3.89 acres
  • Brutal acquisition of lands by ruling party leaders in the capital area is going on unhindered. Water basins and wastelands are no exception to this scenario. They are eyeing on every possible place in the area and successfully getting them registered under binami names by tampering with revenue records. Proof to this is the feat of the followers of Ponnuru MLA Dhulipalla Narendra. Upon the announcement of the state capital, the price of lands on Kolkata-Chennai national highway has elevated, in the light of which the wastelands in Nambur of Peda Kakani mandal in Guntur district attracted the attention of MLA Narendra Kumar.

    Pressure for registration

    Dhulipalla swiftly arranged for getting 3.89 acres of land under survey number 274 in Nambur registered on the name of his close relative Devara Pullaiah. By forcing revenue officials he created that the 3.98 acres of land changed 2-3 hands and finally got them registered under his binamis in documents numbered 2638, 2639 and 2640. First Pullaiah’s son Sambasiva Rao pictured as if this land belonged to him and gave General Power of Attorney to Upputuri Kiran Kumar, Adusumilli Ravi Kiran and Venna Peda Acchireddy and thus created link documents. Then documents were made to show that the three of them sold their lands to Devara Pullaiah.

    Pressurized by MLA Dhulipalla, the officials divided survey number 274 as 274/B6, 274/B7 and 274/B8 and registered them with Pullaiah’s name. According to the current market price, these lands cost upto Rs.5 crore.

    Encroachment of a total of 50 acres

    MLA Dhulipalla occupied these lands, bored in them and is getting ready to cultivate in them. It is heard that the MLA personally called the VRO instructing him to permit boring in his lands. The villagers are helpless in spite of knowing that these are canal wastelands. Those who dared to speak against this would be scared, attacked or falsely sued. It is rumoured that 50 acres of canal wastelands have been encroached by the MLA’s followers in Peda Kakani mandal alone.

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