At once grain has to be purchased

Vijayanagaram: The YSRCP
MLAs Sujaya Krishna and Ranga Rao, fired on the government for causing severe
difficulties to farmers without buying the 
grains from them and it is similar to the last year where the farmers
have suffered without grain purchases. They met the joint collector and
appealed that at once the food grains have to be purchased from farmers and
proper measures should be taken to see that the payment is done immediately.

The hard earned crop took
six months to give the grains, however the grains are not yet purchased and the
efforts of farmers are going to vain. Though the centres were open by farmers,
government is not yet bothered to purchase the food grains expressed their
grief. Farmers are worried if rains would spoil the grains. As it was more than
a month, the purchase of grains is not yet done, so, they complained to the
joint collector.

The leaders fired on the
government for causing problems to the farmers by not purchasing the grains as
well as Rice mills were also not purchasing and insisted that authorities
should take necessary action to avoid loss of farmers. Further on the eve of
Pongal, payments should be made as early as possible and the purchase centres
should also be increased stated the leaders. 

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