Official Announcement Regarding Election To Be Made Today

Hyderabad: Election of YSRCP’s
nominee Vijay Sai Reddy as a member for Rajya Sabha is going to be official,
with Sunanda Reddy, another candidate from the same party withdrawing her
nomination, making the election unanimous. This is going to mark the name of
Vijay Sai Reddy in the history as the first leader form YSR Congress Party to
go to Rajya Sabha.

Sunanda Reddy wrote a
letter to the elections returning officer K. Satanarayana, informing her
decision for the withdrawal of her nomination. With this, the election of V.Vijaya
Sai Reddy and three other nominees became unanimous. The time limit for withdrawal
of nominations is Friday evening. After that, the returning officer will
officially declare the election of the candidates.

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