Nothing new in CBDT aid

Hyderabad, October 1: Dubbing the
subsidies announced by the Centre to backward districts of Andhra Pradesh as
nothing new YSR Congress has said that the national and state leaders were
trying to confuse the people by projecting it as a special package given
exclusively for the state.

 Speaking to reporters here on
Saturday Party leader and PAC Chairman Buggana Rajendernath Reddy said: ‘
the tax subsidies announced by CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) to the seven
backward districts of the state are not new nor were they have any exclusivity
while the BJP-TDP leaders have been projecting it as a big boon. They were
either included in the State Reorganisation Act or recommended by the 14th Finance

 It is neither a package nor is there
anything new in it while Union Ministers M Venkaiah Naidu, Sujana Choudhary and
Chandrababu Naidu have been projecting it as a big package or even better than
special package or special status.

 The subsidy, which was given to others
states including West Bengal, Telangana and Bihar, allows more percentage of
depreciation and treating 15 % of investment as expenditure can be availed only
once before the year 2020, whereas in case of special status the incentives
will be in for ten years from the date of commissioning which could be any day
during the first five years of the state division. That is the reason why we
have been asking for special status and strongly believe that there is no
alternative for it,’ he said.

 Moreover the subsidy announced is not
exclusively for Andhra Pradesh, as being claimed, but the State is one among
others and the national and state leaders have been confusing the people by
focusing it as a big boon, which is not the case and it has nothing new other
than what was due to the state.

 Setting up of IITs, IIMs, NITs and
Central Universities does not fall under special list as they already exist in
other states and Andhra Pradesh has all the parameters to have them. Special
status on the other hand has been the assurance given in lieu of Hyderabad,
which houses majority of the IT and Manufacturing industry.

 Special status was asked for by BJP
while in opposition and TDP too has given a letter to this effect as well, he

 The contention that special status would
yield no better result has a fallacy as Uttarakhand, with one 1 crore
population has higher grown rate and industrialization when compared with
Andhra Pradesh with five crore population.

 Confusion is being created in the name
of incentives given to backward districts and we strongly believe that special
status only can benefit the state, he said.

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