Non-stop fighting for Special Status

Protests all through the States..

Lighting Candles in constituencies..!

The fight for the Special Status initiated by YSRCP is exacerbating each day. On the guidance of the leader YSRCP President, YS Jagan, the party members are motivated for the fight. All over the State, strikes, rallies and protests are continued by YSRCP.

Ongoing protests

YSRCP is continuing the fights by protests and rallies in sequence from 17th to 21st of this month. From 17th the party leaders and activists were continuing relay hunger strikes in all districts of the state. On 18th they did various protest events; on 19th all the Government buildings were surrounded and on 20th a candle light performance was conducted.

Suspense everywhere..!

The YSRCP is exerting pressure on the Government to achieve Special Status to the State in view of the Prime Minister’s visit to the state on 22nd of this month. The party is requesting to make Narendra Modi announce Special Status to the status. The party President YS Jagan already asked for Prime Ministers appointment to meet him.

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