No Woman Will Vote For TDP In Future

  • TDP women themselves lacking safety
  • Atrocities towards minorities shall not be tolerated
  • YSRCP's official spokesman Ambati Rambabu
Guntur: YSRCP's official spokesman, Ambati Rambabu, remarked that demonic rule was going on in AP, with protection of women under stake. Mentioning how TDP had grown the habit of threatening everybody who came in their way, he questioned how the Government could provide safety and security to others when the woman leaders of the party themselves were in danger. He spoke to the media from the party's office in Guntur, on Saturday.

In light of attack on TDP woman minority ZP chairperson of Guntur, Janimum, by minister Ravela Kishore Babu's followers, he criticised the way the TDP minister ordering his henchmen to threaten a leader of his own party. He questioned if the police dared to arrest Ravela and exclaimed it would not be a surprise if TDP claimed the next that YSRCP was behind Janimum. Questioning the Government about lack of security for leaders of its own party, he remarked that the TDP was obsessed with money and misdeeds.

Ambati slammed the threatening habit of TDP. Informing that Janimum had complained to the district's SP about the injustice she had faced, he revealed that no action had been taken against the minister until now. Declaring that atrocities towards minorities would not be tolerated by YSRCP, Ambati opined that no women would vote for TDP after seeing the misdeeds happening towards women, He demanded for a case to be registered against the TDP minister. 
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