No-trust move is an eye-wash: YSRCP

Hyderabad, June 13, 2013: Terming as eye-wash, the TDP’s
proposed no-confidence motion against Speaker, YSR Congress has said the main
opposition party has been resorting to theatrics only to make its presence felt
and it was always shielding the Congress government even at very crucial and
precarious situations.    

“TDP leaders commenting that they will move a
no-trust vote against the Speaker speaks of the Party’s shallowness and
Chandrababu Naidu skipping better part of the two phases of budget sessions
shows that he and his party have scant faith in parliamentary democracy,” party
senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Thursday.

The main opposition party too has an equal
responsibility in the smooth conduct of the assembly proceedings and
Chandrababu Naidu shirking responsibility and boasting of a no-confidence
motion against the Speaker shows the evasiveness of TDP.

“Had the Party been so sincere, it would have
joined the other opposition parties when they moved the no-trust move and
unsettle the State Government. Even on earlier occasion, TDP moved the no
confidence motion only after PRP merged with Congress and ensured that the
government had the required numbers,” he said.

It is not just Speaker who is accountable for the
conduct of the house proceedings but the main opposition party also has a
responsibility to shoulder. It dodged its duty and started blaming the Chair
only to show off that TDP is against the Government. This act is just an
eye-wash and carries no conviction with it, he said.

When asked about the emerging Third Front, he said,
we have to wait and see. The role of regional parties has increased and they
will play a key role in the formation of government at the centre.

“Depending on the situation and keeping the
interests of state and the nation in view, we will take a decision to safeguard
the secular fabric of the country,” he said. Without going into details on the
developments in BJP, he said; “it is obvious that there is a power struggle
going on in the Party. As political observers we are closely watching the
national developments.”

Reiterating that the Party is gearing up for the
local body polls, he said that regional conferences will be held at Tirupati,
covering Ralayalseema region and Nellore district, Vizianagaram for the north
coastal Andhra districts and at Vijayawada for the southern coastal districts.
Conferences would also be held in Telangana districts and the dates will be
announced soon, he said.

Refusing to comment on the reported remarks of
Rajesh, former MLA, he said “it is not our policy to encourage physical
attacks. We believe in peaceful functioning and democratic values.” 

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