No Force Can Hinder YS Jagan

  • YS
    Jagan will become the CM in 2019
  • Chandrababu
    has lost people’s trust
  • Babu degraded the state with his corruption
    and conspiracies
  • Anam’s joining
    YSRCP is a good sign
  • We shall work hard
    for strengthening the party

Nellore: YSRCP MP
Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy exclaimed that Chandrababu had lost people’s trust by
repeatedly committing mistakes in the state. He added that Chandrababu was
facing friction from the people. He called for all the leaders, activists and
followers of YSRCP to work hard for the strengthening of the party. He
encouraged all the party people to work united committing no errors. He
confided that YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan would become
the Chief Minister in 2019.

Mekapati commended the MLAs, the MPs and
the other leaders for keeping up the honour of the district. He stated that
they would continue to follow the footsteps of YS Jagan. He expressed pleasure towards
Anam Vijay Kumar’s joining the party. He acclaimed Anam Subbareddy for being a
great, admired and memorable leader and wished that Anam Vijay Kumar followed
him as his successor to become a great leader as well.

YSRCP leaders of Nellore district slammed
Chandrababu for degrading the position of the state with his conspiracies and
corruption. They criticized CM Chandrababu Naidu, ministers, TDP MLAs and MPs
for robbing the capital city area and carrying out real estate business under
the mask of capital city’s construction. They complained that Chandrababu was
not thinking about common man. They mentioned that it was time for every YSRCP
activist to inform the people of the state how TDP Government had smashed the promises
made in their election manifesto.

YSRCP leaders commented that Chandrababu
who had the history of backstabbing his own father-in-law for power was now
backstabbing the people by not realizing the promises made to them. They called
for exposure of TDP’s corruption, atrocities and errors. The leaders expressed
their confidence in YS Jagan becoming the Chief Minister of the state in the
upcoming elections and stated that no force would be able to stop him.

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