No Conspiracy Can Snatch Rajya Sabha

  • People are at disgust with corrupt Chandrababu
  • None of the election manifesto promises have been realized
  • Everything including the special status has been mortgaged at
  • Even your corrupt money cannot stop it from happening
  • Babu has to change his mindset: Srikanth Reddy
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy complained
    that Chandrababu was carrying out tyrannical rule in the state. He stated that
    the world around was disgusted with his corruptive rule. He mentioned that the
    Telugu-speaking people around the world were at fury with the ongoing enticement
    and purchase of MLAs and party defection. He spoke during a media conference at
    the party’s central office in Hyderabad.

    Srikanth Reddy criticised that Chandrababu was considering the
    issue of the capital city as if it was his own family affair. He opined that
    Chandrababu had not done as much good to the people as much he bluffed. He
    slammed Babu for stating that TDP leaders, activists and officials were being
    hindered from working in a democratic fashion, while actually encouraging the
    people who were disturbing democratic activities.

    What happened to the loan waiver?

    Chandrababu had mentioned in his election manifesto about waiver
    of farmers’ loans but had completely forgotten about it later, complained
    Srikanth Reddy. Waiver of loans of DWCRA women, a job for every household and
    many other promises had long been forgotten, he mentioned. But when the media
    had questioned him about them, he reprimanded them to learn to change their
    mindset. Srikanth Reddy condemned this behavior of Chandrababu.

    Babu has to learn

    Srikanth Reddy condemned counterattacks being made by TDP
    leaders on YSRCP for responsibly pointing out their mistakes, being the
    opposition party. He criticised that Chandrababu was giving importance to
    publicity instead of caring for making the schemes reach the deserving. He
    complained that Babu had not realized even one of the promises made prior to
    elections. He mentioned that Babu had mortgaged everything of the state
    including the special status to the centre. He expressed his concern for victimizing
    the people of the state for his own benefit. Srikanth Reddy remarked that it
    was neither the media nor the opposition that had to learn discipline, but it
    was Babu who had to. He condemned oppression of democratic rights.

    Your conspiracies will not work in this area

    Srikanth Reddy mentioned that Chandrababu could not move Rajya
    Sabha seats however hard he tried to conspire against YSRCP. He confided that
    YSRCP candidate Vijaya Sai Reddy would go to Rajya Sabha as a member. He
    mentioned that even if the TDP Government spent Rs.1 lakh crore of the
    corruptly earned Rs.1,40,000 crore, it would not be able to stop this from
    happening. He suggested that Babu should learn to respect at least now.
    Srikanth Reddy stated that some people might have migrated from YSRCP, but
    those with character and credibility still remained in it. He reminded that YS
    Jagan asked them to resign to their party when they had earlier gone to join
    YSRCP. He explained that they had not been greedy for their position at that
    time, so they had resigned and then joined YSRCP.

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