No Concern For Dalits And Girijans

  • Meruga warns party defectors
  • YS family honours Dalit welfare
  • Challenge for open debate
  • SC-ST laws being misused by Chandrababu
  • Government attacks Dalit and Girijan families
  • What did Kalpana expect from Babu?
  • Confront Babu about sub-plan funds, if you dare 
Guntur: YSRCP's SC cell president, Meruga Nagarjuna, slammed the MLAs who had defected YSRCP to join TDP for the money offered by Babu. Cautioning those who made false allegations on the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, he condemned the remarks made by certain people about Dalit leaders lacking respect in YSRCP. Challenging the party defectors for an open debate, Meruga slammed the anti-people governance going on in AP. He criticised the atrocious rule of TDP, speaking to the media at the party;s office in Guntur.

Meruga criticised those who quit YSRCP unethically to join the party led by Chandrababu who had earlier commented that nobody would want to be born in SC community and indicated that they did not deserve to pass statements on YS Jagan. He expressed concern about the future of the downtrodden and backward castes of the society and criticised the way the Government had gone back on all the promises it had made to people and shelved all the welfare schemes initiated by former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

Babu ridiculing the constitution
Remarking that Chandrababu had been ridiculing the constitution sculpted by Dr. BR Ambedkar by depriving the laws written for SCs and STs and using them for his own benefit, Meruga Nagarjuna commented that nothing had been done by the state Government in the past 2-3 years for the welfare of the Dalits and the Girijans. He criticised Chandrababu for bringing GO permitting the sidetracking of SC and ST funds, instead of using them for the communities' development and for not forming Girijan council just because YSRCP members would dominate it with strength.

He questioned Chandrababu if he had taken up construction of houses for Dalits like former CM Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy or given at least a cent of land to Girijans. He further went on to complain that Babu had snatched lands from the poor and giving them away to his allies.

Meruga questioned what had happened to the SC and ST MLAs and ministers in TDP Government and why they were indifferent to the unemployment problem being faced by people of those communities. He sternly questioned Uppuleti Kalpana how she could betray the Dalit voters who had chosen her and what favour she had expected from Babu. He cautioned her against alleging about YS Jagan just to earn marks from Chandrababu.

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